Bisonte Pizza Solves Accounting Headache with Quick Books and Margin Edge

Pizza Solves Accounting Headache

Steve DaPolito of Bisonte Pizza Co. wanted a better way to manage the complexity of his family restaurant business. With one restaurant experiencing the negative impacts of ongoing road construction, another just getting by, and plans to open a third location, Steve knew they needed a tailored business management solution that would get them critical data to make timely cash flow decisions. The combination of Margin Edge + Quick Books provided Bisonte Pizza Co. with the end-to-end business management solution they needed to manage variable revenue, costs, and labor.

A repeatable formula to empower growth

Jill Weston at Margin Edge excels in finding solutions for her customers. After successfully introducing Steve to  Margin Edge, she connected him to longtime Quick Books Professional Advisor, Trish Fields of Bookkeeping Solutions & Consulting.

And on the back end, many accountants like Trish mostly shied away from the industry due to the overwhelming paperwork. At the time Bisonte Pizza Co.

What Steve needed to solve was this:

How do you manage variable revenue, variable costs, variable labor, and product that spoils, and still retain profitability?

Using Margin Edge to automate the restaurant’s complex processes allowed Bisonte Pizza Co. to process invoices from regular vendors and one-off purchases. The software improves P&L accuracy and saves time, money, and customers by monitoring hard-to-track data and providing

detailed, actionable reports. Knowing our numbers helped us survive and adapt through 17 months of road construction, 2 years of pandemic restrictions,  and growing our business to a third location.

And the story doesn’t end there.

Steve and Trish have both enjoyed significant growth in their businesses since adopting Margin Edge. Trish is now a  product expert on Quick Books + Margin Edge and insists any restaurant client she takes on uses them as a  package. Steve, meanwhile, has opened his third  restaurant and still has big plans, asking himself, “How can I  continue to grow, and actually spread the word about how  powerfully this impacts growth in the restaurant world?”

“Margin Edge lets restaurants make critical decisions in the moment.  It will change the life of your restaurant.” — Jill Weston, Margin Edge

“Quick Books + Margin Edge turned the tedious tasks of entering sales and vendor invoices into a breeze.

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