How to buy bitcoins? 6 steps from signing up to the first bitcoin in your wallet.

How to buy bitcoins

In this tutorial, I will tell you what bitcoin is, answer the question of how to buy bitcoin, guide you through cryptocurrency exchange, and walk you through the process from listing on the first market of cryptocurrencies to transfer to your own wallet.

Why start with bitcoin?

Do you know the story of Laszlo Hanyecz? This is probably the most controversial story in the bitcoin world. The aforementioned gentleman, in 2010, paid for a pizza. This all sounds pretty ordinary, except he did it with 10,000 bitcoins! Laszlo didn’t think he paid too much – he even wondered if the amount was too low. Why did he care so much about the transaction? He wanted to prove that bitcoin is a currency in its own right. Today, Laszlo would buy 111,715,178.95 Hawaiian averages. Nearly one hundred and twelve million Italian pancakes!

Bitcoin’s value once and today.

It is accepted by stock exchanges around the world and most wallets have been created for it. Blockchain technology, which is being adopted by more and more developers, is also the most popular technology in the cryptocurrency world.

The origins of bitcoin date back to 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto created the first cryptocurrency. This name can be a pseudonym for a man, as well as a term for a group of determined programmers.

Unlike banking systems (which experience frequent outages, even in the online world), you can still transact in BTC. The range of places accepting bitcoin payments will soon not be an issue either. More and more businesses and individuals are making their wallet address available where you can send donations and fees.

What makes you so sure?

Bitcoin has been online since January 9, 2009. During its existence, the network has only been taken offline twice, in 2010 (for 8 hours and 27 minutes) and in 2013 (for 6 hours and 20 minutes ). With only two critical events (over 12 years), BTC has been with us for 99.9862% of its existence.

Remember the last time your bank informed you of a technical break. I bet you can even remember the weather – on that not so distant day. And now try to recreate in your memory the day, any detail, that bitcoin experienced a technical break , a total of 2950 days ago (as of April 7, 2021).

The Bitcoin network has been in operation for 99.9864% of its inception since January 3, 2009.

This is not the only reason to buy bitcoins!

There may be more reasons than daily BTC transactions (~300,000!), so in the interest of your time, I’ll give you a few:

Bitcoin is anonymous – ironically, all cryptocurrency transaction information is public, but on the other hand, no personal information emerges at any time. Security and the comfort of anonymity are provided by concealing transaction data in the form of a text string. Information such as address, public key and private key are encrypted.

Decentralization – Bitcoin is created by a huge community, in which we find miners (which provide enormous computing power to verify transactions – dig cryptocurrencies) but also owners of the currency. Thanks to the Blockchain system, a combination of mathematics and cryptography, cryptocurrencies are completely freed from governments, regulators and lobbyists

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