Beginner-Friendly or Expert-Only? A Detailed Look at EXANTE

Friendly or Expert-Only

The EXANTE broker has been around since 2011, gradually building its vast fintech infrastructure with 1,100 servers worldwide and a family of financial firms licensed by the SFC (Hong Kong), FCA (UK), MFSA (Malta), and CySEC (Cyprus). EXANTE is widely recognized for its powerful trading platform, which is popular among advanced traders due to its extensive functionality. If you check the EXANTE view page and reviews from the broker’s customers, you will see they particularly highlight the platform’s advanced trading features.

Does this mean EXANTE is suitable only for proficient traders? Read this detailed review to find out.

EXANTE’s Offer

To better understand how EXANTE caters to customers with different levels of trading skills, let us start by assessing the broker’s offering.

Markets and Products

EXANTE is a centralized platform that enables access to over 50 leading markets, including EUREX in Germany, EURONEXT in France, NASDAQ in the US, ICE EU in the UK, TMX in Canada, NZX in New Zealand, JSE in South Africa, and OE in Japan.

The range of products available for trading with EXANTE includes over 1 million instruments such as currencies, futures, funds, bonds, stocks, ETFs, metals, and options.


The core software provided by EXANTE to its customers is a trading platform, which is used for managing orders and accounts. Among the functionalities supported by EXANTE are cross-margining, margin trading, and shorting. Furthermore, EXANTE helps investors streamline their trading activities with the FIX bridge, which enables the automation of order execution and can be leveraged for algorithmic trading.

To benefit from FIX, you need to request it through customer support and integrate it either with the main EXANTE platform or another trading solution you are using.

EXANTE also offers a powerful HTTP API based on a combination of HTTP streaming and HTTP REST APIs, facilitating the retrieval of crucial financial data such as historical and real-time quotes and information on trading accounts, including transactions, trades, orders, and summaries.

The APIs are provided free of charge to EXANTE customers who hold over 50,000 EUR/GBP or an equivalent in another currency.


EXANTE stands out as an exception from the general industry trend of charging a fee for account management, which is quite common among other brokers. No such payment is required from EXANTE traders.

Furthermore, EXANTE has a sensible policy on inactivity. Like other brokers, it imposes a fee on inactive customers, but only if an investor has not engaged in trading for the past three months and has less than 5,000 EUR/GBP on their balance. In this case, the platform will charge 50 EUR/GBP per month.

If these conditions are not met, EXANTE will not impose charges for inactivity.

EXANTE does not require any payments for depositing funds, and margin trading is free as long as it is kept below 100% of margin utilization.

Additionally, EXANTE offers competitive withdrawal fees of only 30 EUR/GBP or 0.9% of the transaction amount, whichever is greater.

Transaction Limitations

EXANTE does not restrict its customers from trading according to their preferences regarding the size of transactions or the number of instruments. There are no minimum requirements or maximum limitations on the platform.

However, users should be aware of the restrictions that may be imposed by certain exchanges, regardless of the general policy enforced by EXANTE.

Supported Customers

EXANTE provides its services and responsive 24/7 customer support to both private traders and corporate customers. Individual investors, wealth managers assisting multiple investors, financial agencies managing investments for third parties, and large financial institutions, including banks, can all leverage the services provided by EXANTE.

Is EXANTE a Good Choice for Inexperienced Traders?

Undeniably, EXANTE has a rich offering that can satisfy the needs of seasoned traders, whether private or corporate. However, this does not mean that beginning traders cannot cooperate with EXANTE.

In addition to an EXANTE trading account with no management fees, the broker offers a sensible solution for inexperienced users. Customers can familiarize themselves with the platform without risking their money by using a free demo account. This demo account provides investors with 1 million EUR in virtual funds to simulate real trading. It is an excellent way to explore trading with EXANTE and practice trading in general.

Moreover, the absence of minimum requirements and limitations on transaction sizes and the number of traded instruments benefits beginning traders, who are more likely to keep their investments minimal until they develop sufficient confidence.

Meanwhile, the efficient and knowledgeable customer support provided by the broker is ready to assist clients and answer their questions.

Bottom Line

EXANTE is indeed developed to provide proficient traders with the rich opportunities and experience they need to harness their complex investment strategies. However, this does not exclude beginners, who can still start their trading journey safely with EXANTE, primarily due to the free demo version of the platform, which can be accessed without the need for account verification or depositing funds.

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